AT14 Day 31: Mikeys 30

6/14 Saturday

Well it is my brothers birthday today.  Not just any birthday, dirty 30.   I wanted to do something special. Oh and it is flag day.  The day we celebrate the birth of American Jesus.  Well I took off running. The first 10 miles I spent trudging through the swamps of PA. After I got out of that grossness.  It was running. Non-stop running.  Ugh. Pennslyvania is so flat, it is inbeliveable.  Well I made it to Port Clinton in no time. Well, 5 hrs 10mins.  For 23miles. Ill take it.  Once I got on the pavement. I ripped my shoes and socks off  and called my brother.  Before he even answered the phone the sun had gone behind the clouds.  Seems about right, I shrugged.  I wished my brother a happy birthday, got to talk to Downey and congratulate Mr. Butch on getting married.  I decided to not try to long to dry out my feet with it being cloudy. So I went to the candy shop.  Honestly, it is almost perfect for a resupply.  They have nuts, trailmixes, gummy candy and dried fruit in large bins. You can get as much or little as you would like.  I only spent $50 and was on the road.  I figured I would try to dry my feet again. So I sat at the edge of the road and cleaned them up. I ate the pound of fudge (oreo and peanut butter). Then I finally made my up and out of town. Now I have learned in the past not to eat much in town, wait until you are walking uphill to start eating. And no different this time.  At the candy shop I had an orange juice, V8, 4 sodas and some carmel popcorn. Then I had the fudge before start up.  I was nauseous for the first 20 minutes. Then I was okay for the next 10 and then I was hungry again. Oh the ridiculousness of hiking 40 miles a day. I continued on for awhile but just seemed to be dragging. I finally had to sprint to make it to camp without a headlamp. I was exhausted and disappointed. I wanted to do something big for my bothers birthday.  And then I cracked up. I just covered 46 miles and spent $50 on candy.  Oh well I guess I am just ridiculous.  Well happy birthday Mike. Sorry I couldn't be there but I know you are surrounded by a bunch of cool people at the Butchs wedding.  I am really tired for some reason? Sorry, short and boring tonight. But I need some sleep. Goodnight


  1. Joe, I feel your pain. On 6/15 Sunday, Father's day, after talking to you and following your daily trials (and trails) and tribulations, I decided to take a hike. I drove to Lincoln
    Gap (el 2425) and hiked to Mt. Abraham (el 4006) 2.6 miles/1581 elev. gain/1.5 hr.). Popped a Long Trail beer and watched the sunset until I was so cold I could not feel my hands. Before I left the top I yelled too the SW "Joey, Joey, Flash, I am your father and I am very proud of you!" Did you hear me? Well back down and finished in the dark @9:30 pm, 3.5 hours and 5.2 miles. Pales in comparison to your feats. Go Flash go. Captain, father of Flash and Camps.

  2. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes Joe Joe. It was great talking to you on Saturday. The wedding was spectacular. Your posts are great, I love them! Reading them sometimes brings out my emotions, sometimes they make me fall of my chair in laughter, but always they are inspiring. The force runs strong in your family.


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