AT14 Day 30: Marathon Rest Day

6/12 Thursday

My first and hopefully last rest day.  I decided to sleep in a bit.  6:30. I figured I deserved it.  And I mosied out the door by 7:15.  My nice dry feet lasted about 5 minutes. It was only misting, but it poored last night. The ground was covered in puddles. Once I got back on the trail I was soaked head to toe.  The overgrown branches, wind and just plain dripping made it as though it was raining.  It was dead flat again.  I ran and ran. I passed a guy who said, "flash flood warning this afternoon to midnight". Thanks.  Then a girl, "Flash flood warning tonight, you probably don't want to be out here later". Thanks.  Finally, an older lady, "Flash flood warning, you probably shouldn't be out here much longer" thanks. Jesus.  Rahhh.  And I was worried about getting gangrene on my feet because I had been running through ankle deep water in and out of cow and horse pastures.  I had been running along a river that already looked really high for about 5 miles.  And I was running through an inch of water flowing across the trail.  I looked around for areas of respite in the case there was a flash flood.  There weren't any. I was on the high ground.  So I freaked out a little.  I started getting upset, annoyed and whinning, "why cant one thing go my way ".  I was focusing on everything negative and then it came. "Mindful of your feelings you must be"  Thanks little green man.  So I switched it over.  What can I do? How can I fix my feet ?  It was 11:45 and I just didn't want to be out anymore. I had covered 19 miles already and had only 8 to go until Duncannon, PA.  I checked the book and there was a place to stay, only $25.  Okay game plan.  I looked at the guide and it looked like a fairly easy course. Okay I said to myself , two hours of effort and I am warm, dry and can take care of my feet.  I noticed on the guide a caution symbol and it said really rocky section.  Okay fine, boulder hopping. 3 hours max and I am there.  Well I began running and pushing myself.  Waiting for these man eating rocks that everyone talks about in Pennslyvania.  Well the rocks never came.  I mean, there were rocks, but still trail.  It started pouring on my last descent where I knew town was just around the corner and I didn't falter.  I hit a road and the trail followed it.  This must be it and I sprinted. When I saw the Sunoco sign I eased my pace and jogged in.  It was 1:35. I beat my 4mph pace for the last 8.  And I was done for the day by 2.  I got groceries and headed for the hotel.  It was a bar with rooms up stairs.  An old victorian style building that reminded me of the one I lived at in San Francisco.  It was rustic and simple. Just the way I like it. I dried off my feet while I ate 3 yogurts.  Then I showered and really cleaned my feet.  I applied the first coat of neosporin.  I had phone service so I watch some Utube videos to help motivate me while I ate 3 bars of cheese and two pints of ice cream.  I layed down with my feet up and thought about the day.  It wasn't my best day. But I covered 26 miles in 6 hours 20 mins.  It was easy physically and mentally.  It will and already has motivated me to do more miles in the days to come.  And hopefully, I will get my feet feeling better and therefore ; make future miles easier.  Also, and best of all , I didn't get swept away in a flash flood.  All in all not a bad day. If you average my last 3 days(43,49,26) you still have 39.3 miles. I am not going to feel bad. I have some sun coming in a few days. I have the full moon soon.  I have my brothers birthday.  All things to get me more miles.  Also, rumor has it;  a flip flopper did 63 n change miles in one day.  I could always try to beat that.   

I appreciate the support from everyone and it motivates me through and through. So thank you. I hope you enjoy the blog.  If you have any feedback, I would love to hear it.  I am trying to make the blog more interesting than. "I ran this and that ".  There is soooooo much more to this journey and I am trying to share it with you.  I can 't even get half of the day in a blog post for I am going all day and then am tired at night.  So yeah, if you tell me what to focus on , I will do that.  I am planning on doing one on diet and daily rituals. 

Since I have had extra time today. I have looked forward to VT and the Whites.  I look forward to seeing a lot of friends and family in VT.  The Whites into Maine is going to be a resupply boojangles.  But we will make it work.  I look forward to getting to some real climbs.  Got to get in shape for speedgoat?   Haha. Hopefully I will have some 11K plus vert days to get my climbing legs back. 


  1. I am so impressed by you. Can't wait to see you after your adventure. Miss you!

  2. You continually amaze me and I am so proud of you. Glad the flash floods didn't drag you away and you found a good spot to rest. Friday the 13th and a Full Moon tonight. Butch's big wedding tomorrow and a baby shower for my good friend Peggy's daughter in law. Thinking of you always. Hopefully another "W" for the Rangers tonight. Love you!


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