AT14 Day 17: Scheming

5/30 Friday
Knot Maul->Jennys knob

I discovered a big knot on my adductor last night and massaged a ton. Needless to say, the knee was all better today.  Some big climbs early took some umph out of my step. Then the heat took its toll.  At one point I covered 6 miles and had no recollection.  Now we are having fun!  Also, I have been trying to plan my resupply towns better to stay the night.  But until now, I have only been checking the night before and none have worked out. So today I flipped ahead.  Daleville is at mile 724.  168 miles away from where I started this morning.  42 miles a day gets me there for the fourth night. Day 19 at mile 724 is an average of 38.1.  I now have motivation and incentive. Wooh hoo.  Let the games begin. I covered 43 and a little today. Feels good. Was going to see about night hike but I am not in the mood. I want one of the next two days to be big so the day into Daleville is a little short so I have energy to enjoy and don't get there so late. But we will see. 


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