AT14 Day 21: Towns are tough

6/3  Tue
Dalesville->Thunder Mtn

Always tough to leave town. I grabbed a few muffins and bagels then head for the woods.  The pizza hut was definitely messing with my stomach and slowing me down today. That is the thing about towns. It is nice to get that comfort , food and internet. But you can really get trapped into trying to do too much. I know I did last night.  Trying to update my blog , check emails, pay bills, etc .  I barely got any sleep. Anyway, out on the trail it was a blur today. I wasn't feeling particularly motivated or energized. Instead I trucked along aimlessly and almost effortlessly.  My feet feel so much better today. Despite losing two pounds at the UPS store, I was now carrying food for 4 days and my pack seemed ridiculously heavy. It was a lot of climbing today which was even more tiring with the heavy pack.  Running the downhills felt okay but the heavy pack makes it a little more difficult.  Without being much aware, I rolled into camp just after dark, with my headlamp on. I setup and went to bed.  Today was very much a buddhist day. It was almost a blur.  I really don't remember much but at the same time remember it all. It was an easy effort though today. I look foward to a long day tomorrow and being attentive.   


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