AT14 Day 37: No time/energy still moving

6/20 Friday
Nature landscapes->Belters

Well I slept. Woke up covered in a cold dew. The only way I know how to get warm is move. Packed quick and started running. It was a mile of cow pasture to start every step soaking my feet in cold morning dew. It actually felt nice. I was booking for it was smooth terrain. Got to my resupply point and went to work. I spent a little too long there but it is a nice mental break as well. Ugh now my pack is heavy.  I kept up a good forward progress. But the terrain wasn't making it easy. Can't help but feel like Frodo Baggins trying to get to Mordoor to destroy the ring.  I am currently entering the kingdom of Isengarrd before Mordoor.  Google St. Johns ledges... Enjoy the view. Now add st. Johns ledges stair climb.  Lord of the rings?  Well I just keep plugging away. But every time I calculate my pace, I just seem slow. I am not going to make it. I get angry and sprint. But the sun was winning the race.  Finally, I had to stop and put the headlamp on. I ate , brushed my teeth and couldn't help feeling like a failure. 38 miles...I wanted 40 to make it a week of 40s.  I was getting everything together for my bear bag when I noticed the guide book page for today. I looked at it to try to figure out why it was so hard? Why I didn't make it? There it was...I had the wrong starting mileage. I thought I started at 1448 but I started at 1446. Thus making my pace seem slower all day. Realizing this; that means I did 40 today.  But yesterday? I did 40 not 42.  Haha. The best part of that mistake is it probably pushed me to get those last few miles instead of giving up. Well awesome!  Thankful, I passed out. 


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