AT14 Day 27: Half Cake

6/8 Monday
Rod Hallow->Ed Garvey

So first off, the saying is, " you can't eat your cake and have it too". The other way just doesn't really make sense.  But I have come up with my own. "You can halve your cake and eat it too"  why am I thinking this?  Oh yes.  The town thing.  The key is getting to town mid afternoon.  Enjoy the town stuff then get out before dark.  Half-town.  
So 32 miles to town.  No sweat.  So I rode a rollercoaster today.  It wasn't a real rollercoaster; I know because they let me keep my pack on.  "13.5 miles of ascents and descents." That is how the guide book describes it.  I thought it was funny because the whole trail is ascents and descents.  It was short 300-600 foot climbs followed imeadiatly by a similar downhill. A perfect profile if you ask me.  You power uphill.  When the first hint of fatigue hits you, you can already see the top. So you power over the top and bomb down the otherside.  There are no rests, no lulls.  Just non-stop thrills.  It made the miles go by quick.  I didn't really have a water filter, so I had to talk the halfmile detour to fill up at the Blackburn ATC center. Once I got back on the trail.  I was thinking about meeting up with my brother tomorrow.  I was stoked. Flying along I ran the last 12 miles in 2:20 to Harpers Ferry.  I was also excited to get there and see the ATC headquaters.  I got my picture taken (as all thru-hikers do )  and even did an interview with a lady doing a research paper on trail communities. She just asked me to describe my trail magic experience.  As I went to leave I noticed it was pouring out. Again for the second time today, I got all my rain gear on.  In five minutes it had stopped raining and the sun was out.  Making it hot and humid with my feet squishy.  Basically the usual on the trail.  I hit the outfitters quick and was disappointed. The book says you can do a fully resupply there but it was a tiny store with a few snacks.  I got a new water purifier (sawyer squeeze; they didnt have any pumps.)  I grabbed what I could for a resuply and left.  I wanted food but there really weren't any quick close locations.  I wanted maybe some OJ, grapefruit juice , yogurt, fruit and bread. Ice cream parlor.  A cinnabon and two sundaes...close enough.  I hate how fat America is.  Anyway. Sat out in the sun for a few minutes to dry my feet, until I put my socks and shoes back on.  Then I ran out of town and started up the climb. It rained for about 5 minutes again.  At this point, I ought to just be used to being wet.  I guess I am. But I want to be dry.  I miss my desert. Whelp, I better just run faster and get this thing over with sooner.  Hopefully, I get to see my brother tomorrow.  It is certainly motivating me already and will surely leave me feeling high tomorrow.  Go Rangers!


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